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Wind Power for Homeowners

A wind energy system can help protect homeowners against electric power price increases. Wind energy systems help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, and they are nonpolluting. If your home is in a remote location, a small wind energy system can help you avoid the high costs of having the your utility company install power lines to your site.

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Wind Power for Agriculture

Investing in wind energy can help farmers and rural land owners can achieve security against rising energy costs while receiving long-term financial returns. Harvesting wind resources can help farmers thrive when margins for crops are tight.

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Wind Power for Business and Municipalities

Investing in wind energy can help companies and municipalities achieve security against rising energy costs while receiving long-term financial returns. Given the amount of electricity your business or community needs, and the wind resources you have on site, your business or community can directly benefit from a wind turbine.

Residential Wind Power


A small wind turbine, like other capital improvements, should increase the value of your home. By being able to tell a prospective buyer that your electric bills are almost $0, the value of the installed turbine may be an attractive incentive.A wind turbine can typically lower your utility bill by 50-90%. It is not uncommon for homeowners with total electric homes to have monthly utility bills of $8-$15 for part of the year. In northern parts of the U.S., where less air conditioning is used, electric bills can be very low all year. Most homes typically use 1,000-2,000 kW hours of electricity per month. Depending upon the average wind speed in your area this would require a wind turbine rated in the range 5-15 kilowatts.


The most common selling residential wind turbine in the U.S. is 10 kW. They typically have a rotor diameter of 23 feet and are normally installed on 80 or 100 foot towers.A wind turbine is relatively large and it is not suitable for city usage or small-lot suburban homes. We recommend a property size of one acre or more. The feasibility of a wind system is determined by the average wind speed in the area, the availability of tax credits, rebates and the cost of electricity. We generally recommend that you have at least a 10 mph average wind speed and be paying 10¢/kilowatt-hour or more for electricity.

Farm Wind Power


Agricultural wind turbines can generate electricity for everyday use in locations that don’t have power supplied from your local utility company. Energy from wind turbines can also be connected to the power grid offsetting electrical needs and reducing peak demand.Wind turbines that range from 20kW to 100kW can be scaled to meet a farm’s need for electricity. For example, farms in the Great Plains have high electrical needs to power irrigation pumps. Water pumps use about 60kW when operating. Electricity in rural farm land is usually more expensive than near cities. Generating electricity on-site will offset electrical usage and reduce peak demand. This can make sense for farms in high wind areas with more expensive electricity, especially when state and federal incentives are available.
Trusted Energy™ provides turnkey solutions for agricultural wind energy. We can help you select the right turbine for your farm and advise on siting and installation. Trusted Energy™ will conduct a site survey and assist with the planning authorities and utility companies.
Once we install the wind turbine we’ll provide you with post-installation services for maintenance and repair. Your wind turbines can be directly connected to the existing utility grid. This means that the energy produced by the turbine can reduce your electric bill and potentially add revenue to your operation. Contact us today to find out how Trusted Energy™ can help you achieve energy independence.

Power Your Business with  Wind Energy


Selecting the right renewable energy source for a business or community is an increasingly important decision. As energy costs increase turning to alternative forms of power to reduce or replace reliance on traditional electric supplies can save your company thousands of dollars each year and significantly improve the impact your business has on the environment.

New developments in renewable energy technology means choosing wind power for businesses and communities can be a reality. Wind turbines can pay for themselves over time and depending on the amount of energy generated, they can also become a new source of revenue.

For businesses and communities in the right location, Wind Turbines can help you harness Wind Energy and offset your company’s impact on the environment. There has never been a better time to invest in renewable energy for commercial use.

Our experienced at team at Trusted Energy™  will assist you with the entire process from start to finish. One of our trained energy experts will perform a full technical survey of your location, taking into account your electricity usage, average wind speed and your electrical infrastructure. From system design to installation, we do it all. Contact us today for a free consultation and find out how renewable energy is right for you.



Wind Energy Equipment – Sales, Installation & Maintenance

Trusted Energy™ is proud to sell, install and service Wind Energy products from the following companies…

Wind Turbines

northern_power logoNorthern Power Systems designs, manufactures, and sells wind turbines and provides engineering development services and technology licenses for energy applications into the global marketplace from its US headquarters and European offices.

 With almost 40 years of experience in technologies and products generating renewable energy, Northern Power Systems currently manufactures the NPS™ 60 and NPS™ 100 turbines. Northern Power wind turbines provide customers with clean, cost effective, reliable renewable energy, boasting over 5 million run-time hours across its global fleet. Our patented next generation permanent magnet/direct drive (PM/DD) technology uses fewer moving parts, delivers higher energy capture, and provides increased reliability due to reduced maintenance and downtime.

 Northern Power Systems offers comprehensive in-house development services, including systems level engineering, advanced drive-trains, power electronics, PM machine design, and remote monitoring systems to the energy industry. Some of the world’s largest manufacturers license NPS next generation technology and intellectual property for their utility and distributed wind products and markets.

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Endurance turbines provide economic and efficient solutions for community wind, self-generation or off-setting expensive grid power or fossil fueled electricity generation worldwide.  Our lines of induction-based turbines have a zero electrical conversion loss, making the most of your production. Today, the Endurance wind turbine fleet boasts over 600 locations worldwide.  It is the constant refinement and technological advances from our world class engineering team that makes Endurance a globally recognized brand that continuously delivers superior results, reliability and aesthetics.

 Endurance Wind Power is a manufacturer of advanced wind turbines designed specifically for distributed wind power applications. Together our team strives to provide Endurance wind turbine owners with the best products and support in the market today!

xzeres_logoXZERES Wind designs, manufactures, and distributes high quality distributed small wind turbines (2.4kW -10kW). XZERES Wind offers wind energy solutions. Our grid connected and off grid wind turbine systems, which consist of our 2.4kW and 10kW devices and related equipment, are utilized for electrical power generation for applications and markets such as residential, micro-grid based rural electrification, agricultural, small business, rural electric utility systems, as well as other private, corporate infrastructure and government applications.

Our wind turbine systems are focused on distributed energy, where a specific machine’s energy output is largely or entirely used on-site where the equipment is installed, as well as grid connected applications. While many of our customers take advantage of their local net-metering rules within the United States and Feed In Tariffs that are often available in Europe and Internationally (to sell power back to the grid), our wind power systems are not dependent on transmission needs to carry the energy produced to another location.

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Battery Power Systems

humless_logoIntegrated, Sustainable, Powerful for Home, Work and Play. Pre-configured, All-in-one, drop-in back-up power storage for your home, business, cabin or houseboat. Giant UPS capabilities to be truly off-grid with zero installation configuration. Plug and play with long-life (10yr+) expandable battery packs.